Merit-Based Scholarships

Get Admitted. Get a Scholarship. At the Same Time!

We automatically consider all applicants (first-year and transfer, domestic and international) for merit-based scholarships. No additional application is required.

  • These tuition-specific awards range from $36,000-$44,000/year for up to 4 years (while enrolled full-time, and in satisfactory academic progress).
Unweighted GPA RangesTypical Merit Scholarship Amounts*
3.0 – 3.5$36,000 – $39,000
3.5 – 3.8$40,000 – $42,000
3.8+$43,000 – $44,000

*You may also qualify for need based aid, if you apply

  • Your merit scholarship is determined by your academic achievements: the grades you earned, the challenging courses you have taken — everything that tells us you love to learn.
  • You get notified about your admission and scholarship offers at the same time.
  • Your merit scholarship can apply to your study abroad or study away experience.
  • We do not use your SAT and/or ACT scores to determine the size of your scholarship. (Remember: our admission process is 100% test-optional!)

Please consult the Types of Financial Aid page for additional information on scholarships and grants typically received by Kalamazoo College through the Office of Financial Aid.