International Student FAQ

Application Process

Can I send supplemental materials to improve my chances of being accepted?

Yes, you can send additional materials with the application.

Does the college accept hard (paper) copies of the Common Application?

Kalamazoo College only accepts submissions digitally through Common Application.

What are the application deadlines for international students?

The application deadlines for international students are the same as those for domestic students. Please refer to our chart of application deadlines, notification dates, and deposit due dates.

Is it recommended to turn in applications earlier to receive priority consideration?

There is no special consideration given to applications received early. Consideration for early applications is the same given to applications turned in at the deadline.

How can I check on the status of my application?

After your application has been received, you will receive two emails. The first is a confirmation that we have received your application. The second will contain a link and username so you may access the status of your application.

When will I be informed of my admission decision?

Notification letters will be mailed, depending on the timeline in which you applied.

When will I receive my I-20 form?

After Admission, students that decide to enroll at Kalamazoo College by completing the “Student Reply form” and sending their “deposit” will be contacted by the Office of Admission directly in regards to obtaining the I-20. (Process usually takes 7-10 business days after necessary documents are received)

I have studied in an international school where English is the primary means of instruction.  Do I still need to provide a TOEFL score?

If you have studied at a school where English is the primary method of instruction for a minimum of two years, you would not need to provide a TOEFL score.

I have been studying in the U.S. for a few years already. Do I need to submit a TOEFL score?

You do not need to submit a TOEFL score if you have been in a system where English is the primary method of instruction for at least two years. English courses do not count.  Please refer to our English Language Proficiency Requirements.

My [school/country] does not calculate grades on a 4.0 GPA scale. Do I need to convert my “O” and “A” Level grades to the 4.0 scale?

No, you are not expected to convert your “O” Level or “A” Level grades to the 4.0 GPA scale. We are familiar with this system and we will assign appropriate weight to your exam results. Please submit your predicted results as a well.

I have only taken the O-Level exams. Do you require the A-Level’s?

Yes, A-level exams are required.  Kalamazoo College is a rigorous liberal arts college, and we look for students who challenge themselves academically and are high-achieving in those challenging academics.  For A-level candidates we require Advanced Subsidiary (or equivalent) results and A-level predictions, usually indicated in the Secondary School Report and/or the counselor or headmaster recommendation letter.  This requirement also applies to students who have studied in countries with similar education paths.  Examples include, but are not limited to; Ghana: GCE or BECE must be followed by the SSSCE; India: ISSCE must be followed by the ISSE, or ICSE must be followed by the ISC.

My mid-year grades cannot be sent until late February.  What should I do?

We recognize that many school systems run on different time-lines.  We recommend you submit everything else for your application file by the February 1st deadline and then submit your mid-year report as soon as it becomes available, preferably no later than the end of March.  Please clearly communicate your needs to the admissions office regarding this.

Financial Aid

Does the college accept ISFAA (International Student Financial Aid Application) form?

Yes, Kalamazoo College will accept the ISFAA for students applying for need-based aid.

Do I need to produce other financial documents along with the International Student Financial Aid Application Form (ISFAA)? If yes, what are they?

You do NOT need to file any additional forms during the application process. If you are admitted to Kalamazoo College and choose to enroll, then we will work with you to complete other paperwork.  AT THAT POINT, you will be asked to provide additional documentation that is crucial to your F-1 Student Visa application (prior to I-20 issuance). Supporting financial documents would include bank statements, parental salary confirmation letters, tax returns, etc. These documents need to provide solid proof of the funding you claim on the ISFAA or CF forms. This documentation can be submitted via fax, mail, or email attachment and need to be signed by the responsible parties on corresponding letterhead.

How will my financial need affect my admission decision?

At this point Kalamazoo College has not set any minimum standard for an international student’s family contribution.  Although Kalamazoo College does offer a broad range of financial assistance to incoming international students, the process becomes more competitive for students with higher financial need. It is extremely rare for us to award a full scholarship, although there are partial grants and scholarships. If you need a full scholarship, we may not be the best college to consider.

Do you provide scholarships that cover the full cost of attending Kalamazoo College?

Even though Kalamazoo College offers both need and merit-based aid to international students, we do not offer any full scholarships, and even large scholarships (exceeding half the cost of attendance) are very competitive.  If you are in need of a partial grant or scholarship we may be able to assist you.

What scholarships are available to international students? What is the application process for these scholarships?

Kalamazoo College offers merit-based and need-based scholarships and grants. You will automatically be considered for merit-based aid, and if you wish to apply for need-based financial aid, you need to fill out the International Student Financial Aid Application in your student portal. You do not need to submit additional forms (such as tax returns, bank statements, parental salary confirmation letters, etc.) with this form. If you are accepted, we will ask you for supplemental information at that time. Visit our merit-based scholarships information.

Do I need to provide test scores if I want to apply for financial aid?

No.  International students are test-optional, and the only reason we would need a test score would be as a verification of English proficiency.  Please refer to our information about English Language Proficiency Verification.

International Student Life

Can I speak with a current international student about Kalamazoo College?

We can arrange these kinds of talks on an individual basis.  For privacy reasons, we cannot give out current student information.  If you would like to speak with a current student, you can send your contact information (include an email address, phone number and paper address) to with a note that you would like an international student to contact you.  If there is a student willing and able to speak with you, we will pass your contact information on to them.

How do I choose a major or a minor?  Do I have to apply to the departments directly?

All students declare a major during their second year at Kalamazoo College. There are no applications to the department, just a form that needs to be signed by the chair of the department at that time. Your declaration is non-binding, as well, so you can change your major at any time as long as you’re on track to finish it by the end of your four years.  During your first year you are encouraged to explore many different subjects to achieve breadth in the liberal arts and to explore potential majors.

What sort of support does K provide to international students on campus?

There is an International Student Advisor available through the Center for International Programs.  Her name is Alayna Lewis, and she can help you deal with visa issues, work issues, and other official international issues. You can email her at  There are also many student organizations that have been created by current international students, such as the-Asian/Pacific Islander Student Association, the Caribbean Society, Kalama-Africa, Latino Student Organization, International Student Organization and many more.  Also, the Center for International Programs provides an international student orientation every year.  This helps you get acquainted with the campus, get to know the other international students, gives time for jet-lag to wear off, etc.

Can international students use the study abroad program?

Yes.  All students at Kalamazoo College may apply to the study abroad program, as well as any other part of the K-Plan.

Can international students work on campus?

Yes. One of the services that the International Student Advisor provides to international students is help with visa applications so you are eligible to work on-campus.

How many international students are currently enrolled at Kalamazoo College?

At present, international students make up approximately 8% of the student body.

I have other questions not answered here. To whom should I direct them?

Questions not answered here can be directed to