Visit the Zoo !

Visit the Zoo is an on-campus program for admitted students and their families. This program offers students the opportunity to meet with faculty members, attend a class, tour the campus community, and interact with current and prospective K students! Plus, there will be additional presentations on our First-Year Experience and LandSea programs, Study Abroad, and the Arcus Center for Social Justice LeadershipVisit the Zoo programs will be held during the academic year beginning in February 2022. Dates for 2022 will be announced in December.

Sample Schedule

DAY 1:

4:00 and 4:45 pm: Optional tours
4:00–5:30 pm: Check-in
5:45–7:00 pm: Dinner (students)
5:45–7:00 pm: Panel with parents of current K students and reception (parents)
7:15–9:00 pm: Evening activities (students)

DAY 2:

8:15–9:30 am: Class visit
9:00–9:15 am: Day 2 check-in
9:00–9:45 am: Welcome and presentation
10:00 am: Current student and/or alumni panel
11:00–11:55 am: Student activities/first year information
11:45–1:00 p.m.: Lunch and learn/faculty open house
11:55–1:10 pm: Class visit
1:15–2:15 pm: Class visit/diversity and inclusion discussion
2:30–2:45 pm: Closing reception and tour release—Optional residence hall tour and/or special-interest tours
2:40-4:00 pm: Class visit

Please Note: Schedule is subject to change